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Elaine NelsonDenver-born mother, grandmother, and award-winning artist who has lived in Huntsville AL, for the past twenty-five years.  


In 2020 she followed her passion and wrote her first book title:

  “First the Fire Then the Lie”


About Elaine

Elaine is truly an original thinker and creator.

That is what sets her apart from the crowd. Elaine said at the age of five when she picked up her first crayon she knew it was something and powerful in the colored piece of wax that she held in her hand. 

But it took, over 20 years before Elaine’s true Talent would be discovered. It was when she held her first solo art exhibit at Ralston Purina headquarters, located in St. Louis, MO. And the rest is history.

Cedric the Entertainer and painting by Elaine Nelson

Elaine's Book

Elaine is currently doing a balancing act between painting, and recently becoming a first-time published author of the book entitled:  

First the Fire and Then the Lie 

Sold at bookstores everywhere or online at Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Elaine said there are not enough words to express her gratefulness to God.

 Elaine not only survived the fires of life, but now has a thriving career, by sharing her gifts with the world.

Elaine’s medium of choice is acrylic paint.

Not limited to Acrylic, Watercolors, mixed medium, photography, and creative collages are also part of her assortment of mediums, on her palette.

Mr. Jerry Lucky
Blow That Sax's
That Sax's

Elaine painting styles vary from bold Acrylic to soft Pastels.

Elaine also paints a wide range of subjects. That can range from, Jazz, Gospel, Portraits, Sports, Surrealism,  and Abstract

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